Julia A. Moore

The Sweet Singer of Michigan


Come all ye friends of Liberty,
    Who love our good old nation,
Let hands and hearts united be,
    And beat the wide creation.
For this is our Centennial year,
    The birthday of our nation;
For it is just one hundred years
    That's stood our good old nation.


        Centennial! Centennial!
              Hurrah to the Centennial;
    And many, many people gone
              To our national Centennial.

To Philadelphia people went,
    And more was sure to go, sir;
They say there was things to be seen
    Of a hundred years ago, sir.
Come all ye sons of liberty,
    That love our good old nation,
Unite and keep our country free,
    And the stars and stripes a waving.

The revolutionary war was fought
    To gain our independence,
That we a nation great may be,
    Both free and independent.
They fought the British, far and near,
    For freedom, and they gained it --
In Centennial years of Jubilee,
    Let Columbia's sons maintain it.

Reprinted from The Sweet Singer of Michigan: Poems by Mrs. Julia A. Moore, ed. Walter Blair (Chicago: Pascal Covici, 1928).
Note: The odd spacing of the Chorus (optimized for Netscape) is imitated from Blair's edition.
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