Julia A. Moore

The Sweet Singer of Michigan


Dearest one, do you remember,
      As we sat side by side,
How you told me that you loved me,
      Asked me to be your bride.
And you told me we'd be happy,
      Through all the years to come,
If we ever would prove faithful,
      As in the days when we were young.

Oh! how well do I remember,
      The kind and loving words,
And now as I sat dreaming,
      The thoughts my memory stirs.
But the days have passed before me,
      And the scenes of long ago,
But I can never forget the
      Days that have passed o'er.

Oh! how clearly I remember
      The days when we were young,
How we would tell to each other
      Of happy times to come,
And as we would sit together,
      That dear loved one and I,
Oh, sat dreaming of the future,
      And childhood days gone by.

Dearest love, do you remember
      The first time that we met --
Our youthful days have gone, love,
      I hope you love me yet,
Now we are growing old, love,
      Our heads will soon be gray,
May we ever love each other
      Till from earth we pass away.

Reprinted from The Sweet Singer of Michigan: Poems by Mrs. Julia A. Moore, ed. Walter Blair (Chicago: Pascal Covici, 1928).

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