Julia A. Moore

The Sweet Singer of Michigan


Beautiful Spring is coming,
      Ah, yes, will soon be here,
For the clear bright sun is shining
      All human hearts to cheer.
One the brightest gems of nature
      Is the orb that o'er us shines,
And o'er the wide creation,
      It'll shine to the end of time.

The birds will soon be singing
      On shrub and bough of trees,
Their notes will soon be ringing
      Out, forth so merrily.
They love the merry spring time,
      Those little birds we love,
They love the pleasant sunshine
      That comes down from above.

We can hear them sweetly singing
      From early morn, till night.
They make music in the woodland
      Those little birds; so bright,
We should dearly love them,
      Those little harmless things,
And when we hear their music,
      We know that it is spring.

Ah; it's pleasant in the springtime,
      All nature seems so gay.
Bright flowers in the sunshine,
      Sweet fragrance can display.
The hills, and dales, and meadows,
      So beautifully covered o'er;
With natures richest verdure,
      The green grass, as of yore.

The winter will soon be over,
      With its cold and chilly winds.
It is sad and dreary ever,
      Yet its dying, free from sin.
Now the springtime is coming,
      Ah, yes, will soon be here.
We will welcome in its coming
      In this glad new year.

Reprinted from The Sweet Singer of Michigan: Poems by Mrs. Julia A. Moore , ed. Walter Blair (Chicago: Pascal Covici, 1928).
Note: In stanza 1, "One the brightest" and in stanza 4, "natures richest verdure" are copied accurately from Blari's edition.
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