Governor Engler's Proclamation

Recognizing Julia A. Moore

Governor John Engler Hereby Issues this Executive Declaration in
Observance of December 1 - 7, 1997 as JULIA A. MOORE WEEK.

WHEREAS, Julia A. Moore was born Julia Ann Davis on December 1, 1847, in
Plainfield Township, Michigan, granddaughter of one of the area's early
pioneers; and

WHEREAS, while her formal education ceased at the young age of 10,
Julia's fondness of reading by the fireplace earned her continued
scholastic training, and thus allowed her to write the poetry for which
she was widely acclaimed; and

WHEREAS, her first published work, THE SENTIMENTAL SONG BOOK,
containing 36 poems, was published by C. M. Loomis in 1876; and

WHEREAS,Julia continued to share her charm, enthusiasm and literary
talent for over forty years, until her death on June 5, 1920, in Liberty
Township, Michigan; and

WHEREAS, known as the "Sweet Singer of Michigan," she was praised by
such authored celebrities as Mark Twain, Eugene Field, Robert Frost, and
Ogden Nash; and

WHEREAS, Julia Moore was well known and recognized throughout Michigan
and beyond, not only for her professional accomplishments, but also for
the friendship, guidance, and support she had given to her family and
friends, and to the members of her community; and

WHEREAS, the Great Lakes State is truly fortunate to include a person of
Julia A. Moore's talent and character as part of its historic past;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Engler, Governor of the State of Michigan, do
hereby declare December 1-7, 1997, as JULIA A. MOORE WEEK in Michigan,
in memory and recognition of the "Sweet Singer of Michigan," and I urge
all citizens to celebrate her many contributions to our unique American

Given under my hand on this nineteenth day of November in the year of
our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven and the Commonwealth
one hundred and sixty.

John Engler

The above document is being transmitted on behalf of the decendants of
Julia A. Moore by one of her great-grandsons:

Alden B. Burns
1981 13th Street
Martin, MI 49070

Phone and Fax number: [616] 672-9029