The Sweet Singer of Michigan:

Poems by Mrs. Julia A. Moore

Reprinted from The Sweet Singer of Michigan: Poems by Mrs. Julia A. Moore, ed. Walter Blair (Chicago: Pascal Covici, 1928).

This is the table of contents from Blair's edition. For the texts of the poems go to the Julia A. Moore Home Page

Introduction vii
Preface 3
The Author's Early Life 5
Centennial 9
John Robinson 11
The Brave Page Boys 14
Grand Rapids 17
Temperance Reform Clubs 19
Hiram Helsel 23
Beautiful Twenty Second 25
William Upson 27
Dear Love, Do You Remember? 30
Hurrah for Cooper and Cary 32
My Infant Days 35
Roll on Time, Roll on 37
Minnie's Departure 39
Lois House 41
The Brave Volunteer 44
Little Andrew 46
William House and Family 48
The Orphan's Friend 52
The Two Brave Soldiers 54
Early Days of Rockford 57
Grand Rapids Cricket Club 59
Little Henry 61
Be Kind to the Little Ones 64
Red Ribbon 66
Carrie Monro 68
Little Minnie 70
Centennial Celebration 73
Maryette Myers 76
The Dear Old Flag 78
Libby Prison 80
Hattie House 82
Little Susan 84
Young Henry 86
Ashtabula Disaster 89
Leave Off the Agony in Style 92
Spring Time Is Coming 94
Willie's and Nellie's Wish 96
The Southern Scourge 99
Little Charlie Hades 102
Gently on the Stream of Time 104
I Wonder Where My Papa Is? 106
Andrew Jackson 109
Little Libbie 112
Croquet By Moonlight 114
Fourth of July 117
The Flag 118
"A Departed Friend" 120
The Burial in the Snow 122
To My Friends and Critics 126
Sketch of Lord Byron's Life 129
Christmas 132
Unfortunate 134
The Temperance Army 136
New Year 139
Lost and Found 141
Advice to Little Children 144
Children's Reply 146
The Great Chicago Fire 148
Appendix 153

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