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I am currently 21 year old student at Western Michigan University. Before all that happened though, I was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan. I am the youngest of three children in the family. I have an older brother and an older sister as well. I attended and graduated from Grandville Highschool. While I was attending Grandville Highschool I was apart of the Varsity basketball team, Varisty soccer team, as well as the Varisty track team as a sophomore. After my highschool graduation, I attended Olivet College to play basketball for one year before transfering to Western Michigan University. While at Western I decided to study sports management with a minor in general busisness. Some of my hobbies that I have come to love range from sports, haniging out with my friends, and even going to the gym to workout. One of the sports that I still love to participate in has to be basketball. Weather that means I join a league, or I am just playing a pickup game with the guys, I am totally in to play. While participating in Intermural basketball at Western Michigan, the team and I ended up winning the whole thing. My goal is to graduate in the spring of 2017. I am not to sure if that is going to happen though becuase when I transferred from Olivet College, I lost quite a few credits that put me behind a little bit. Below you will find some links that will take you to my second and third page of my website that will have some more information about me on it. Also, the Western Michigan University logo is a link to their homepage that I strongly encourage you to look at. Go Broncos!!

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