Here are some general tips when studying abroad to Burgos, Spain from previous students who have traveled on the same program.

1. Some phrases and words in Spanish that will be helpful:
Slower- “despacio”
Please- “por favor”
Thank you- “gracias”
Can you tell me how to- “Puedes decirme como…”
I would like to eat- “Me gustaria comer…”
Where is ____?- “Donde esta ____?”
Wine and coke: Calimocho


2. You can take passport photos at to your local Walgreens.

3. You can also convert your money once landing in Spain at the airport.

4. And is not required, but you should bring your host family a gift, something that is unique to Michigan or the United States.

5. Your host family will like to see pictures of you and your family and your friends from home. It is something to share on your first couple of nights there.

6. Don't go to a restaurant in Burgos when you don't have a lot of time, service is very slow compared to the United States and you want to make sure you have a couple of hours every time you go out to eat.

7. College students from the university hang out at Las Llanas- A block of bars downtown Burgos. But make sure you don't get there too early you want to wait till at least midnight, this is when students usually start showing up.

8. Learning how to take the bus there and buying a passcode will help you travel a lot.
9. Get the book, A Guide To Northern Spain (You might want to pack it with you too).