National Reading Panel Report on Phonics


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National Reading Panel Report on Phonics

Sources and recommended

Recommended from Heinemann and forthcoming 2002

What was—and wasn’t—asked?

What did the NRP examine?

False advertising-- from the NRP summary booklet

How was reading defined?

What about real reading?

What else?

Who DID benefit from phonics, according to the detailed report?

How did these K-1 students benefit?

But what about the 2nd–6th graders who were also said to benefit?

What are some signs that a school or classroom program overdoses kids on phonics? (Based on the NRP)

Other warning signs based on the NRP

Still more warning signs

From Gerald Coles’ research

Specifically . . .

Furthermore . . .

Who should determine how to teach reading?

NRP documents

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Author: Puma


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