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Reading for All includes important documents and information on teaching reading effectively. 

California Early Literacy Learning is a systematic classroom instructional model. 

Readingonline is a publication of the International Reading Association. 

Houston conference on reading, May 16, 1997. The index will guide you to individual speakers' papers, including Weaver's. 
National Research Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA). 

"Adequacy of a program of research and of a research synthesis in shaping educational policy." - Research article by Richard Allington & Haley Woodside-Jiron. You can get there from Allington's Web page. The document Allington and Woodside-Jiron are critiquing is at  . 

Also, see under Federal Legislation, below. 


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The teaching of grammar 

You can start with the website of the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar

Paul Brians' home page: he has lots of pages on "errors" that are interesting and informative. 

Bilingual education and/or the anti-bilingual initiative 

Jim Crawford's Web site



Note: Some of the best sources are the individual scholars' home pages, listed at the bottom of this category. 

Oakland Unified School District's amended resolution regarding Ebonics and standard English. 
Oakland Unified School District's synopsis of the adopted policy on standard American English Development. 

Linguistic Society of America's resolution regarding the Oakland "Ebonics" issue. 

The Linguist List has some issues devoted to the Ebonics controversy. 

Center for Applied Linguistics

Linganth [Linguistic anthropology]. 

John Rickford's home page has links to various articles of his, plus links to various other sites. 

Dennis Baron's home page has links to various articles of his, plus links to various other sites. 

Harold Schiffman.  Partial bibliography: Use of vernacular languages, especially African American Vernacular English, in education. 

Harold Schiffman's annotated bibliography (no title). 

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The National Council of Teachers of English is the most important national organization for teachers of the English language arts. You might want to join one or more of their listservs, too. 

The International Reading Association is the largest organization dealing with reading. 
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Teacher Magazine is a weekly national newspaper especially for classroom teachers. 

Education Week is a weekly national newspaper on education.  It enables us to keep up with what's happening in education, across the country. 

National Center for Educational Statistics.  Start here and have fun exploring the wide range of reports and data that have come from the NCES. 

The U.S. Department of Education includes links to all kinds of Web sites, including some dealing with the teaching of English. 

The BOCES website in Putnam Valley, New York has links to the standards for all fifty states, links to various subject areas, links to over 50 professional organizations, 13 ERIC clearinghouses, and US and Canadian government sites. 
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Access to Federal Legislation.  Then go to "bill text" or whatever you want.  Or, you can go directly to "Bill text."  The House "Reading Excellenct Act" is HR 2614.  In the Senate, the bill is SB 1596. 

National Council of Teachers of English's action page

International Reading Association's advocacy page

National Congress for Public Education. Weaver is one of the co-chairs. 

Michigan for Public Education.  Weaver is one of the founders and the current president.  There are links from this site to several other groups and organizations you might want to consult, including some within Michigan. 
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Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) 

Michigan Department of Education 

Michigan House of Representatives 

Michigan Senate 

Michigan Council of Teachers of English 

Michigan Reading Association 

Michigan Electronic Library 

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Heinemann - Boynton/Cook publishes numerous books on teaching reading, writing, and the language arts; math; science; social studies; and more. 

Richard C. Owen, Publishers has both professional books for teachers and instructional materials for children, mostly at the elementary level. 

Stenhouse likewise has excellent books on teaching reading, writing, and the language arts. 

Scholastic has numerous books and programs for the classroom, book clubs, and professional books for teachers.

The online bookstore sells many academic books as well as popular books, and ships most of them promptly.
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The New Teacher Page is a resource site for Education students, student teachers, first-year teachers, teacher certification candidates, and those who think maybe, just maybe, they'd like to be an educator someday. 

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Allen Carey-Webb's links

My colleague Allen Carey-Webb has links to other sites useful to English language arts teachers.

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