Collegiate Objectives
College can be an exciting and fun experience, but it can also be quite an intimidating and frightening one. As an incoming freshman I learned this quickly.  I was excited to experience what some of my older friends and siblings already had, the time of my life.  Welcome week was a lot to handle for me personally and I struggled with the transition of being alone.  I enjoyed myself, do not get me wrong, but it was definitely a different approach and one that I was not used to.  It became apparent almost immediately that I was going to have to take care of myself and things in my life on my own much more often.  This can be tough for anyone, but as the semester continued and I learned how to manage myself and my time more properly, things started to become a little bit more simple.  Of course I still struggle time to time, just like every other freshman will, even some seniors, but I can say that I have grown not only as a student but as a person as well.

On a more educational note, I expect the best of myself as I mature through college.  I plan to graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA and hope to receive a 4.0 GPA in at least one of my semesters here at Western Michigan University.  I have learned through mistakes I had made in high school to better prepare myself for the same circumstances in college.  If I shall fail to learn from my past, than history will most definitely repeat itself.  This has allowed me to get a better grip on my education and without a doubt take it more seriously, as I should.  College will present many opportunities to me through internships and business related task that I plan to take full advantage of.  I know that if I want to succeed later in life, then I must succeed now.  I am confident that with my work ethic and hatred of failure that I can use everything I learn in college to better prepare myself for a career when college is finished.  I will present myself in a way that will have corporations and businesses seeking me and not just the other way around.  I am ready to succeed and prove to myself and everyone else that I am more than capable of doing so.