Sports Management

Almost every student at some point will ask the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” and few will find the answer to that immediately.  I have asked myself this question numerous times and have thought about changing majors time after time.  As of now, I believe the career choice that works best for me would be Sports Management out of the Haworth College of Business.  Sports have always been a HUGE part of my life and I realized that I never want that to change.  Due to this, I want to be around sports for the rest of my life and what better way to do that then choose a career in which that is possible?

I understand that just because I love sports it does not mean that I would love or be successful at a job that revolves around sports.  There is another way to look at it, the business standpoint.  There's a naive sex appeal sometimes among people who read the sports section or watch ESPN SportsCenter three times a day and think that because they know players' batting averages they should be working in sports," said Jeff Yocom, vice president for executive search and placement of the Tualatin, Ore., sports-marketing firm Game Face Inc. "At the end of the day, sports is a business," Yocom said.  (First Citation below)  I have always had a knack for business as shown by my recent success in the DECA competition where I qualified for the International Conference which I attended in Salt Lake City, Utah

What is Sports Management?  Sport management involves any combination of skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport or physical activity.”  (Second Citation Below).  As I read the quote above I make sure that each word presented matches my thoughts and hopes and what I wish to achieve when choosing this path.  I plan to study Sports Management and gain enough knowledge to present myself to companies and have them want to hire me.  I believe my love for sports and success in business is already leading me in the right direction and I hope that it continues.


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