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Internet Marketing

      Marketing is continuously changing and business have to keep up with these changes in order to be effective in the market.  The internet can

quickly spread information to reach very large groups of people instead of only a few.  A disadvantage to this is that the message quickly becomes out

of the control of the business and cannot be easily controlled leading to a possibility of a change in message.  There are several advantages to internet

marking including the ease to access and the costs (Nwankwo).  Internet marketing can be most similarly associated with direct marketing.  Online, it is

very easy to measure the success of the marketing strategy by being able to track how many people saw the ad as well as recieving more information

about the individual.  You can easily track the visitor rate as well as how many of those visitor's become customers (Bailey).  The internet makes it

very easy to overstep the privacy of potential clients.  To help avoid this from happening there are several rules that need to be followed in order to

ensure that no ethics laws are being broken (Joy).  While internet marketing has its disadvantages, the advantages outweigh them.  Internet marketing is

a successful and efficient way to reach out to large groups of customers.


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