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Carson Reeling Western Michigan University
Economics & Institute for Sustainability and the Environment

Grants (click for full curriculum vitae [PDF])

  1. "Using Markets to Coordinate the Provision of Multiple Agri-Environmental Services." 8/2017-8/20 Co-PI with Richard D. Horan, Cloe Garnache, and Robb Shupp (Michigan State). USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture. $499,973.

  2. “Valuing Natural Resources Allocated by Preference Point Lottery,” 3/2016–3/2017. Lead Investigator. Western Michigan University Support for Faculty Scholars Award. $1,083.

  3. "Policy Instruments, Strategic Interactions, and Incentives for Habitat Conservation for Imperiled Species." 1/2016-12/2017. Lead Investigator with Leah H. Palm-Forster (U. Delaware) Richard T. Melstrom (Oklahoma State U.). Center for Behavioral & Experimental Agri-Environmental Research. $9,988.


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  2. Horowitz, A., W.R. Moomaw, D. Liptzin, B. Gramig, C. Reeling, J. Meyer, and K. Hurley. 2016. "A Multiple Metrics Approach for Measuring and Managing Reactive Nitrogen in the San Joaquin Valley of California." Environ. Res. Lett. 11(6): 064011 (HTML)

  3. Reeling, C.J. and R.D. Horan. 2015. "Self-Protection, Strategic Interactions, and the Relative Endogeneity of Disease Risks." Am. J. Agr. Econ. 97(2): 452-468. (HTML)

  4. Gramig, B.M., Reeling, C.J., Cibin, R., and I. Chaubey. 2013. "Environmental and Economic Tradeoffs in a Watershed when Using Corn Stover for Bioenergy." Environ. Sci. Technol. 47(4): 1784-1791. (HTML)

  5. Reeling, C.J., Lee, J.G., Mitchell, P., Halimi, G.H., and A. Carver. 2012. "Policy Options to Enhance Agricultural Irrigation in Afghanistan: A Canal Systems Approach." Agr. Syst. 109: 90-100. (HTML)

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Submitted papers

  1. Reeling, C. "The Value of a Statistical Final Exam: Teaching Nonmarket Valuation to Undergraduates." J. Econ. Educ.

  2. Horan, R.D., E.P. Fenichel, and D. Finnoff, and C. Reeling. "A Portfolio-Balancing Approach to Natural Capital and Liabilities: Managing Livestock and Wildlife Diseases with Cross-Species Transmission and Trade." Environ. Resour. Econ., revise and resubmit.

  3. Reeling, C.J. and R.D. Horan. “Economic Incentives for Managing Biological Pollution Risks from Trade.” Environ. Resour. Econ., revise and resubmit.

  4. Horan, R.D., D. Finnoff, K. Berry, C. Reeling, and J.F. Shogren. "Managing Wildlife Faced with Pathogen Risks Involving Multi-Stable Outcomes." Environ. Resour. Econ.

Papers in preparation

  1. "Breakdown of the Equi-Marginal Principle in Permit Markets Involving Multiple Pollutants" (with C. Garnache and R.D. Horan).

  2. “Valuing Species Richness for Disease Protection: Management-Dependent Values in the Case of Lyme Disease" (with R.D. Horan, E.B. Barbier, B. Hoye, P.T.J. Johnson, A. Ando, and F. Lupi).

  3. "The Bioeconomics of Coordinating Investments in Habitat Protection and Economic Development" (with R.T. Melstrom).

  4. "A Dynamic Random Expected Utility Approach to Valuing Natural Resources Allocated by Dynamic Lotteries" (with F. Lupi and V. Verdier.)

  5. “Policy Instruments, Strategic Interactions, and Incentives for Habitat Conservation for Imperiled Species” (with R.T. Melstrom and L.H. Palm-Forster).

  6. “When the Levee Breaks: Linking Markets to Remove Barriers to Trade” (with C. Garnache and R.D. Horan).

Conference and seminar presentations