Kenneth A. Dahlberg

Curriculum Vita

Michigan Food Democracy [2005-present]

Local Food Systems Overview [1994-1997]
Resources for local food system planning and strategies [1994-2002]

Professor Emeritus
Departments of Political Science
and Environmental and
Sustainability Studies
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5346

Strategic Analysis of Food Systems and Climate Change: Basic Elements

My Professional Resume My Policy and Institutional Resume

My specific goals are to help key non-profits become more aware of false and misleading assumptions they may be operating under in the seven arenas listed below and to help them explore the basic questions they need to address to be more effective in achieving their goals. Each arena has a link listing the people and writings I've found most insightful.
  1. Exposing the grave hazards of current "Food Empires" and their institutional tools for controlling land, seeds, farming, forests, and fisheries.
  2. Clarifying what we can and cannot know about different level and scale biological, socio-economic, and infrastructural systems and how to understand their interactions.
  3. Identifying hidden cultural assumptions and biases of modern industrial societies.
  4. Identifying the institutional incentives that have led to the dominance of approaches that treat symptoms with unsustainable technological fixes rather than addressing the root sources of dysfunction.
  5. Focusing on understanding what "healthy" means for the different level and scale systems involved and developing strategies for creating healthy systems that are sustainable and regenerative.
  6. Seeking to identify how the above goals interweave with the challenges of climate change.
  7. Developing short, medium, and long-term strategies to help us mitigate and survive the multiple, increasing, and destructive effects of climate change.
Last updated: 2017