Citizens Network for Michigan Food Democracy  
  Citizens Network for Michigan Food Democracy  
  Citizens Network for Michigan Food Democracy  
Citizens Network for Michigan Food Democracy
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This web site is dedicated to providing citizens with the basic ideas and information needed to help achieve a more food-secure, self-reliant, healthy, and democratic Michigan.

It is an outgrowth of The Albion Statement - Healthy People, Places, and Communities: A 2025 Vision for Michigan Food and Farming.

It states that we seek "... a Michigan where a widespread recognition of the need to nurture and sustain our people, communities, and environments combines with a broad and active citizens' movement to make substantial gains towards:
  • food security for all
  • sustainable family farms and foodways that provide a significant portion of Michigan's food
  • healthier, more self-reliant communities and cities built upon meaningful livelihoods for all
  • healthy air, waters, soils, and habitats throughout the state

We envision a Michigan where everyone has a voice and can actively participate to elaborate, realize, and sustain this vision."

We are persuaded that these goals and the accompanying comprehensive vision - when combined with the critical and strategic analyses offered here - will help citizens, civic organizations, and governments develop the policies and plans needed to effectively move us towards this increasingly shared vision.

The links on the left connect to materials on the challenges and opportunities facing us as well as to many of the key concepts, tools, and resources needed for citizen action and a revitalization of democratic practices.