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The Evolution of Nike

          I chose to do the evolution of Nike because they are my favorite brand and they are a very large and successful business. I to plan on owning a business one day, maybe not as large as theirs, but I do want it to be successful like theirs.

            Nike was founded in 1965 and it was originally known as BRS. Track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman founded the company while attending the University of Oregon. Their first retail store wasn’t opened until a year later in 1966 and it was located in Santa Monica, California. In the 1970’s Nike dominated as a brand with no competition after they passed up Adidas and it wasn’t until the 1980’s when Reebok came along that they had some competition. They were still rated as number one. I’m sure most people have heard of the famous Nike Swoosh. This design wasn’t unveiled until they became independent from their Japanese partners and it was first released in 1971. The name of the company remained BRS until 1978 when they officially renamed the company Nike Inc. Nike still needed to get their name out there with advertisements and things of that sort. The billboard and magazine ads just weren’t enough. In 1982 the company’s first national commercial was run. Now Nike was and still is a very popular brand, but they had not yet reached their full potential, they had to do something bigger and better, something no other competitor could match. In 1984 they signed NBA player Michael Jordan which made their company sky rocket. Now Nike had slogans, but their most successful slogan was created in 1988 by agency co-founder Dan Wieden, the slogan well known as “Just Do It”. Nike has become one of the most well known and most successful brands on earth and they continue to grow and develop as time goes by.



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