Phone Number: 387-5063
Office: 1121 Dunbar Hall
Office hours: Tuesday 4:00pm or by appointment
Required Text: Video Basics 5 by Herbert Zettl

Course Goal: You will be introduced to the basics of set-up and operation of studio production equipment, production fundamentals, the team process of television program production, and the aesthetics and use of the media as a communication tool.

Course Evaluation: The course consists of 3 production assignments, 5 Quizzes (over material covered in class lectures, and required readings), a Midterm and Final Exam. For the first production you will work on your own, the second in pairs, and the final in groups. Lastly, there will be an optional tour of WWMT Channel 3, on a date scheduled outside of class time. The tour is worth 5 bonus points.

Grading: Grading will be based on your success in meeting each assignment objective, individual technical execution, associated print material, studio setup and peer evaluations. My subjective evaluation of your productions take into account the degree of difficulty and technical execution. You will not be evaluated on your performance as talent/acting, however, on-camera talent may affect the desired outcome for the above criteria; therefore, you are ultimately responsible for the preparation and performance of your on-camera talent.



Newscast Assignment
Commercial Assignment
Final Production
5 Quizzes (15 pts each)
Midterm Exam
Final Exam
Peer Evaluations
Optional Channel 3 Tour
2 Reaction Papers
75pts (total)
10pts (5 per production)
5 bonus points
10 bonus points

A = 92%+
BA = 89%+
B = 83%+
CB = 80%+
C = 72%+
DC = 65%+
D = 60%+
E = Below 60%


*Quizzes will be given the first 20 minutes of the class period only. Material covered includes readings, lectures, or other supplemental instructional material that took place between the last quiz and current.
*Participation and attendance is crucial during other individual's production. We depend on each other, so be on-time and prepared! This being the case if you miss any part of production day for any reason, there will be a 15 point penalty.
On production nights, class may end up running up to a half hour late.
*Associated written materials are due the day of production.
*There are no make-ups for productions, quizzes or exams. Exams and assignments are due on the dates listed. There are no exceptions.

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