Collegiate Objective
I decided to embark on the journey that is college to expand my horizons beyond the
relatively sheltered life that I have lived thus far. Yes, coursework and a good education
in the classroom are important to me, but where does true education come from? It comes
outside the classroom. True education comes from the lessons learned through interacting
with people beyond the walls of the classroom. The connections made in college last a
lifetime, and I am excited to form those relationships.
On a professional level, the goal is very simple: be employed upon exiting college with a
job within the field of my major. College is an investment, and I intend to work as hard as
I can to make this the best investment of my entire life. Each semester, my goal is a 4.00
GPA. This goal may seem lofty and out of reach. However, through hard work and
dedication this GPA can be achieved one semester at a time. Hopefully, my strong
academic record, along with connections I make in my classes, will lead to plentiful job
opportunities in which I will succeed.