To: Dr. Karen M. Lancendorfer

From: Alex Szalay

Date: Monday, August 4, 2014, Kalamazoo class

Re: Exploring Business #4—Social Media Brand Monitoring


To start off my brand is Subway which is in the food category and its competitor is Cousins Subs.


1. Socialmention: From the website HYPERLINK "", compare the “strength,” “sentiment,” “passion,” and “reach” of your product and its competitor, and report and discuss the results. Summarize how you would interpret the results for “sentiment” (hint: see FAQ at the bottom of the results page). Are these results useful? What are their limitations? Print and attach the first page of output for your brand and its competitor (it’s the page that provides the scores).


For the strength, sentiment and passion, Subway scores a 63% in strength, 9:1 in sentiment, and 15% passion. For Cousins subs, it has a 30% strength, 24:0 sentiment, and 31% passion. Lastly, cousins has a 47% reach while Subway has a 70% reach. Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are positive versus negative so for subway’s sentiment ration, there is much more positive mentions than negative mentions but for Cousins Subs, there is absolutely all positive mentions and zero negative mentions. These results are very useful because it tells you everything about the strength of a company and compares it to the competitor. However, it does not show specific dates and times of data so you cannot compare trends of this data over a specific time period which is an important component to have.


2. Twazzup: If you have a Twitter account, search your brand and its competitor on the website HYPERLINK "" For both your brand and its competitor—(a) Profile the FULL bio of one influencer who you think is interesting; and (b) What are the FULL contents of one tweet that you think is interesting? Why are these interesting? Are these results useful? Why and how?


 Based on the website, Twazzup, the top influencer of Subway is Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is a world known singer who has produced her new album “DEMI” featuring Neon Lights and her new hit single “Really Don’t Care.” On the other hand, Cousins Subs top influencer is Charleston Athletic FC which is a soccer organization based in London, England. Laray_xo tweeted recently saying “Just Want a Footlong From Subway tbh.” I found this interesting because its short yet to the point. I do not think it is useful because it is only solely opinion. For Cousins Subs, emilyhelgesonn tweeted “Cousins subs is so underrated.” I think this is important because not only does it show her passion and opinion for them, but it may be re-tweeted. However, people may disagree.


3. Topsy: Search and compare your brand and its competitor on HYPERLINK "", for the past 30 days. Attach the printout of your graph (with both brands in one graph). Note: if the graph does not print, you will need to copy and paste a screen shot of the page into a word document to print. Then answer these questions--Which brand gets the most “mentions?” Why do you think that is true? Do both brands trend together for the time period you selected? Why do you think that is true?


 Based on comparing each of these graphs for the competing companies, Subway gets the most mentions. I think this is because the way Subway has done so many different advertising projects on a world-wide level compared to cousins subs which really only focuses on the U.S. populations. Both brands do not spike at the same times in the thirty days, but Cousins Subs seems to spike up a lot at random times while Subway is doesn’t spike up at different days, but is more consistent at a higher level.


4. Out of all these websites, I feel that is the most useful. Topsy can easily provide individuals a visual representation of statistics comparing competitor companies which is very useful for people. In addition, it looks at the last thirty days which gives you that glimpse of statistics right away in addition to the website being very friendly and easily to navigate.