Collegiate Objective

Personally, I am attending college to better myself. I want to succeed beyond any expectation that was placed on me as a young African American male in this world. I’m not only attending college for the credentials when I graduate, but to make an example to show every teenager and young child that people from Detroit can make it in life without having only hopes towards rapping or singing careers. I have always been known for doing things alone, so I had friends to associate with but I dealt with none when I started to take care of business. My family always gave me inspiration even though they did not have the finances to provide me with things I wanted. So overall, college is a complete new start to my determination toward success.

On a professional level, I want to learn as much as possible about the human body to help better the living conditions of sick people. I am aiming to get accepted in the nursing program and graduate with a 3.5 GPA. Additionally, I will make various connections on campus that could help me for any future employment. I will also join a fraternity to give me an earlier start on connecting with individuals on campus. I will succeed and excel beyond measures. When I graduate with my degree, the world will be my work place. Success it the only option that I have left.