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VIN:         3W51R535844                                       Wayne, MI assembly
Car:          1963 Mercury Monterey 2 door sedan
Engine:     427 Super Marauder
                                       427 8V - 425 Horsepower
Codes:      Body - 62A                                            2-Dr. Sedan
Color - A                                               Presidential Black
                Trim - 56                                               Black
                    Axle - 9                                                  4.11:1
                Trans - 5                                                Standard (4-Speed)
Options:    4.11
Photos:     1963

This car is pictured below with its original owner, "Animal Jim" Feurer http://www.animaljimracing.com/.
He was 22 years old and is pictured in front of his parents house in Peru, IL.
He purchased it on March 23, 1963 from Peterman Ford in Peru, Illinois for $3,744.43.
It was sold to its second owner
, a body man at a Ford garage, in the summer of 1966. A couple months later the second owner removed the drive train and installed it in a 1963 Ford Custom 2dr. He also took the 6 cylider and 3-speed out of the Custom and put them in the Mercury. He sold the Mercury that way with 18,000 miles on the car, in mint condition.
The 3rd owner put a 352 in it, then a 430, then another 352. The car ended up on Bob Olmstead's used car lot in December 1967. Bob sold it in an auction in Tremont, IL or Dire, IN.
Anyone know where it is today?
1963 Monterey
1963 Monterey1963 Monterey
1963 Monterey