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VIN:         4Z67R522403                                        St. Louis, MO assembly
Car:          1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder 2 door
Engine:     427 Super Marauder
                                       427 8V - 425 Horsepower
Codes:      Body - 63C                                            Park Lane 2-Dr. Hardtop Fastback
Color - LM                                            Bittersweet/Sultana White
                Trim - 56A                                            Black
                Date - 17M                                            17 December, 1963
                DSO - 52                                               Los Angeles
                Axle - 5                                                  3.50:1
Trans - 5                                                Standard (4-Speed)
Options:    Power windows

This car was sold new in Califonia and made its way to Colorado with what is believed to be the original owner.
Sometime in the 1970s this first owner sold the 427 engine to what would turn out to be the 3rd owner.
Later, the first owner sold the car to his brother, who took it back to LA and installed a 390.
    (What was in it between the 427 & 390?)
In the mid 1980s the brother returned to Colorado and sold the car to the 3rd owner who still had the 427.
1964 Park Lane