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406 & 427 Full Size Mercury Facts and Information

Mercury installed 406 4V and 6V engines in full size cars in the last half of 1962 production and the first half of 1963 production.
Mercury installed 427 4V engines in full size cars in the last half of 1963
production and 1964.
Mercury installed 427 8V engines in full size cars in 1963, 1964, and 1965.

In March 1963 Mercury officials talked about creating a "Light Weight" 427 Mercury, but the car never saw production Documents.

Production figures
I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the numbers listed here, but simply list what I have seen and heard over the years.


The engine code is the 5th digit in the VIN.

1962 production
It has been reported that Mercury sold 124-125 full size 406 (B & G code) cars. This number has not been verified but is consistent with other figures.
406 production began in the spring of 1962.

1963 production
Mercury sold 176 full size 406 and 427 cars (document above).
Breakdown by engine is shown below. This data was provided by Greg Donahue.

B code        406  4V        385 HP        29
G code        406  6V        405 
HP        64
Q code        427  4V        410 
HP        25
R code        427  8V        425 
HP        58

It has been reported by a Ford engineer that 21 of the 58 Mercury "R" cars were Marauder S-55s.
While it is known that at least 2 Marauders were built with the 406 engine, it is unlikely that there were more than 5.

1964 production

Mercury sold 64 full size 427 cars (document above).
It has been reported that 42 of these were 427 8V cars (R code). This number has not been verified but is consistent with other figures.
That would mean there were 22 427 4V cars (Q code) which is also consistent with other figures.

I have heard reports of 9 427 cars in 1964 of a specific model, but have seen that figure assigned to at least 2 different models. The information is very sketchy.

1965 production

While the document above states that Mercury sold 7 full size 427 8V cars in 1965, I have seen a letter from a Ford executive stating that the production figures below are correct.
R code        427  8V        425 
HP        12 cars (non-wagon)
R code        427  8V        425 
HP        7 station wagons

I cannot say which numbers are right, but mathematical evidence, and the document above indicate that 7 is more likely the correct number.

Engine Information
406 and 427 engines were true high performance engines with special blocks, crank shafts, connecting rods, pistons, high flow cylinder heads, solid lifter camshafts, dual point distributors, cast iron headers, and Holley carburetors.

These engines were installed as part of a total performance package that included;
    Heavy duty brakes (3" front shoes vs the standard 2.5")
    Heavy duty suspension (still 5 leafs in the Mercury, not 6 like the Ford)
    Manual transmission (3-speed or 4-speed)
    15" x 5.5" Kelsey Hayes wheels in place of the standard 14" x 5.5" wheels
    3/8" fuel line instead of 5/16"
    4-pinion differential instead of 2-pinion
    In April 1963, 427 cars began getting 31 spline axles in place of the 28 spline axles Documents
    Automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes were not available

406/427 cars came with a 3 month/4,000 mile warranty instead of the standard 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. (prior to summer 1963)
427 cars came with a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty instead of the standard 24 month/24,000 mile warranty. (after summer 1963)

The front passenger brake line on 406/427 cars runs in front of the engine rather than under it.
Some 406 cars had an additional VIN stamped into the vertical structure behind the rear seat back on the driver's side.

The difference between the Ford and Mercury 406/427 engines is the valve covers.
    Mercury 406s used Gold "Mercury" stamped valve covers
(C1MY-6582-F right, C1MY-6582-G left) rather than the Ford "Thunderbird" stamped valve covers.
        The Mercury 406 valve covers did not use an identifying CID sticker like the Fords did.
        The Mercury 427 used the same chrome valve covers as the Ford 
(C3AZ-6582-F right, C3AZ-6582-G left) but with "Marauder 427" or "Super Marauder 427" stickers.
        The bald chrome 427 covers are also listed in the parts book for a 406 and the 1964 390 Police Interceptor.
        There is a bald Turquoise cover listed in the parts book for the 406, for the left side ONLY (B9KY-6582-A).

406 & 427 engine blocks and heads were painted black (not red as show on the Motor Trend cover).
Exhaust headers came from the factory in the natural cast iron finish and did not use gaskets.
The aluminum intake manifolds used on all 406 & 427 engines were unpainted.

Engine and Parts Identification

All 1962-1965 406/427 blocks used solid lifters and had no oil galleries drilled in the lifter bores for hydrolic lifters.
406/427 engine blocks can be identified by an "HP" cast into the block on the right side behind the alternator and behind the flywheel.
    (the 390 HP blocks also used this identifying mark)
427 engine blocks can be easily identified by the cross bolts for the main caps at the bottom of the block.
    (a hand full of late 406 blocks also used cross bolted main caps, but they are very rare, and cross bolts can be added to any FE block so cross bolts alone don't make a 427)

Casting numbers:
C2AE-K, C2AE-V        1962             406
                C2AE-BD                                  1962            406 with cross bolts
                C3AE-D                                    1963            406 with cross bolts
                C3AE-D, C3AE-V                      1963            406 with cross bolt bosses but no cross bolts
                C3AE-M, C3AE-AB                   1963            427 top oiler
                C4AE, C4AE-A                          1964            427 top oiler
                C3AE-Z, C5AE-A, C5AE-E        1965            427 top oiler
                5AE-D, C5AE-D                        1965            427 side oiler
                C5AE-H, C6AE-B                      1965-66       427 side oiler to 12-9-1965
                6AE-C, C6AE-C                         1965-66       427 side oiler
                C2AE-D                                     1962-63       406
                C3AE-D                                     1963            406
                C3AE-G, C3AE-U                      1963            427 cast iron
                C3AE-V, C4AE-B                      1964            427 cast iron
                C4AE-AJ                                   1964-65       427 forged steel
                C4AE-H                                    1964-65        427 forged steel, cross drilled
                C5AE-C                                    1965-67        427 forged steel, cross drilled
        Connecting Rods
                C2AE-B                                    1962             390HP
                                                                 1962-63        406
                                                                 1962-65        late 390PI from 1-15-1962
                C2AE-D                                    1962-63        406
                                                                 1962-65        late 390PI from 1-15-1962
                C3AE-C, C3AE-F                       1963-65       early 427 to 3-1-1965
                C5AE-B                                     1965            427 Le Mans - original
                C5AE-C                                     1965-66       427 Le Mans
        Cylinder Heads
                C2SE-6090-B                             1962            early 406 4V & 6V to 1-29-1962
                C2SE-6090-C                             1962-63        late 406 4V
                                                                 1962-63        early 406 6V to 12-17-1963
                C3AE-6090-C                            1963             late 406 6V, has spring-seat cups, 2.02/1.65, 58-61cc
                                                                 1963             390 high altitude, 2.02/1.55, 58-61cc
                                                                 1963             390, 2.02/1.55, 70-74cc
                C3AE-6090-D                            1963             427 Low-Riser, released 10-14-1962
                C3AE-6090-G                            1963             427 Low-Riser, released 12-26-1962
                C3AE-6090-H                            1963             427 Low-Riser, released 3-28-1963
                C3AE-6090-J                             1963-65        427 Low-Riser, has improved intake port

Mercury used these engine names during the 1962-1965 production period
The 406  4V (385 hp) was referred to as the "Marauder" engine.
The 406  6V (405 hp) was referred to as the "Marauder 406" engine.
       (There is at least one 1962 ad that refers to the 406 6V as a "Monterey" engine. It's likely an early ad. )

The 406  4V (385 hp) was referred to as the "406 Marauder" or "Marauder 406".
The 406  6V (405 hp) was referred to as the "406 Super Marauder" or "Marauder Super 406".
The 427  4V (410 hp) was referred to as the "427 Marauder" or "Marauder 427".
The 427  8V (425 hp) was referred to as the "427 Super Marauder" or "Marauder Super 427".
       (The arrangement depends on which Mercury document you are looking at)

Tuneup Specifications

1962-1963 cars could be had with a 3-speed manual transmission, but almost all were 4-speed manual equipped.
1962-1963 cars used the Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed. The Ford top-loader 4-speed was introduced in 1964.
1963 T-10 gear ratios were
1st - 2.36:1, 2nd - 1.78:1,  3rd - 1.41:1, 4th - 1.00:1, R - 2.42:1 (1963 Monterey brochure).
In April 1963 two more sets of ratios were made available for the T-10 (
    Wide ratio   
1st - 2.36:1, 2nd - 1.66:1,  3rd - 1.20:1, 4th - 1.00:1, R - 2.42:1.
    Close ratio    1st - 2.20:1, 2nd - 1.64:1,  3rd - 1.31:1, 4th - 1.00:1, R - 2.26:1.

1962-1964 406 and 427 cars used
15" x 5.5" Kelsey Hayes wheels (C1AZ-1007-A) in place of the standard 14" x 5.5" wheels, with the same 4" back spacing.
They can be identified by the FoMoCo and K-H stamps, and the crescent shaped opening.

There is also a 
Kelsey Hayes replacement wheel with the same marks and dimensions, but with a different opening.

There are other wheels out there to be aware of.
There is a 
Kelsey Hayes 15" x 5" wheel (1961 Police Special - C0AA-1007-N) that looks like the 5.5".
There is a Ford KW wheel that is 15" x 5.5" with a 4" back spacing and no opening, shown below.

Tires were available in 6.70-15 (standard prior to April 1963), 7.10-15
(standard after April 1963), and 7.60-15 sizes. Blackwalls would have been standard, with whitewalls optional.
The cars tested in magazines all appear to wear the Firestone Patrol 500 7.10-15 tires.

Wheel Covers
Mercurys of this period did not use engine identification on the outside of the car like the Ford's did so the 15" wheels and covers were the only external clue that a 406 or 427 engine was hiding under the hood.
All 1962-1965 low cost Mercury Montereys with 406 or 427 engines would have come with Mercury "dog dish" hub caps shown below.
hub cap

The Monterey S-55 used the "dog dish" Mercury hub caps (C2MA-1130-A) with beauty rings shown here.
There is no beauty ring shown in the parts book and no 15" cover shown for a 1962 model, but the magazine test car with wheels pictured here clearly has the beauty rings. If the production cars didn't use beauty rings, then it would have been just the hub caps.
hub cap

Cars with full covers used the 15" spinner shown here (C3MY-1130-D).

It was available with the white center shown
They would have been standard on Monterey/Marauder Custom and S-55, and available on the Monterey.
wheel cover

Cars with full covers used the 15" spinner shown here (C4MY-1130-F).

It was available with the red center shown
Parts book shows a part number for the spinner, C4MY-1035-A.
They would have been standard on Montclair, and Park Lane, and available on other models.
wheel cover

These 1963-4 covers are rare and expensive today but they can be re-created.
The 15" cover is the same general stamping as the 1952-3 Mercury and the 1966 Bronco shown here.
wheel coverwheel coverwheel cover
The spinners were commonly used on the 1964 14" cover shown here.
wheel cover

Can you tell which of these is the real one?

The one on the left is a Bronco cover with a plastic spinner and transplanted center
                                                                                      The center one is a 1953 Mercury with the correct metal spinner
                                                                                                                                                                      The right one is the real thing

All 1965 full size Mercurys used 15" wheels so no special wheel covers would have been required for a 427 car.
This also means that there was no external clue tha
t a car may have had a 427 under the hood.
wheel coverwheel cover
wheel cover