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Documented 390 Police Engine Equipped Mercurys

Police engine equipped, or P code, cars have many of the same features as 406/427 cars.
The 390 4V engine, rated at 330 horsepower, had a heavy duty block and crank, higher flow and higher compression heads, solid lifter camshaft, the "shorty" cast headers, and other high performance parts. They came with the HD brakes, suspension, and wheels. They also had the 3/8" fuel line, and re-routed front brake line.

Unlike the 406/427 cars they were available with automatic transmissions, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning.

4W67P524946     1964 Park Lane Marauder 2 door                  picture

4W67P531637     1964 Park Lane Marauder 2 door                  picture

4W65P534628    1964 Park Lane convertible                            picture

4Z47P554306     1964 Monterey Marauder 2 door                    picture