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406/427 Full Size Mercury Trivia and Conclusions

None of the cars on this site is exactly like any other car.  They are all one of a kind.

There are 28 documented cars on this site, 5 cars in magazines, photos of 3 cars, and 25 other cars, for a total of 61 cars. This does not include possible duplicates or the 6 Akron PD cars.

18 of the 24 documented 1963-4 cars are Marauders. 2 are breezeway cars and 3 are convertibles.
        (Clearly most Mercury people who wanted a 406/427 wanted it in a Marauder 2 door)
        (It is also clear that if you were buying a 406/427 Mercury you were more likely to buy the top model S-55 or Park Lane)

Only 7 of the 28 documented cars are 406 equipped. None are 406 4V cars.
        (So even though the 406 made up 58% of production (compared to 427) it accounts for only 25% of the cars around today)

Only 3 of the 17 427 cars are 4V.
        (4V cars made up 30% of production, but only 18% of cars today)

Many of the cars have the "wrong" parts. Just not what they should have.
In all of the cases below I believe that these "wrong" parts were probably installed from the factory. Examples are;
        16 inch steering wheel instead of 17 inch.
        S-55s having the "wrong" horn ring, having black trim instead of the red/white/blue trimmed center.
        One of the 1963 S-55s has the "wrong" emblem on the rear package tray between the seats, but it is a pre-production car.
        One of the 427 8V cars (1964) has the "wrong" valve cover stickers for a 427 4V engine.
        One 406 engine may have come with 427 heads.
        One car seems to have come with 14" wheels.

Black and red are the most common colors with 14 black, and 13 red. Three cars are two-tone.

At least four of the 427 cars do not have transistor ignition.

Four P code cars are known, they are all 1964. It was offered in other years. Where are they?

To summarize; even among these ultra-rare one of a kind Mercurys,
if you don't have a
top of the line Marauder with a multi-carb engine in black or red,
you have a pretty rare car.   :)