Effectively Managing Sports Players

            Managing sports players has become one of the more popular jobs in the realm of sports. Everyone wants to become a manager because of the fun that is involved with it. Being a sports manager is difficult and a lot of work, especially when you are trying to figure out which college athletes will make it to the next level and which ones will be the most successful at the next level. There are many things that people may say is wrong with college athletics and there are also many things that people do not agree with when it comes to college athletics.

Recently there has been a huge controversy over college athletes and whether they should get paid for their play, actually, there have been many college basketball fans that have been trying and succeeding with paying them behind closed doors (Boudway, 2014). When it comes to college sports, there are so many rules that have to be followed in order to keep your eligibility and it seems as if they all want you to be a perfect student and a perfect player when in actuality that is not at all possible. Players are playing their butts off night in and night out and sometimes they even have to miss days of class at a time because they might have a game that is not in their state, and who benefits from it? The Universities and their athletic programs. College sports are a big reason that Universities look so nice because of all the money that they bring into the college from playing.

Late last week there was a interview with someone who helps give money and other rewards to players (Boudway 2014). “His description of the underground system for paying players cant be verified, but it seems credible. As he tells it, a loose association of well-to-do but not fabulously wealthy college football fans conspire to provide cash, cars and other benefits to players”(Boudway 2014). There are many ways that college sports could make it more fair on their players and as sports managers, their jobs are to help make it a little more easy, especially when their players are preparing for draft.


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