Since you are here it means that you must have some type of intrest in the best game in the world!

The purpose of my website is going to be to inform, educate and simply help people get better at this game while building lasting relationships that can benefit you in life. The website is going to be a valuable tool for almost everyone in the game of magic. This will also help to break down the stigma that goes along with the game magic the gathering. New players are the most important aspect of any game with a professional circuit. Without new players there is no growth, without growth the company can’t stay alive, without the company being alive the game will die out and there will be no more magic the gathering. That’s why this website is so important that I have built
An addition purpose of my website is to show people that while this game is easy to learn it is very hard to master. There are tons of games out in the world that people play but hardly any game is as complex or as intricate as magic. Magic has been compared to so many different games yet no other competitive card game has lasted this long besides poker. That fact right there is enough to legitimize magic the gathering as one of the greatest strategy games of all times.


Deshaun baylock
western michgan university
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