Card Types

There are various types of card in Magic: The Gathering. Each spell has a mana cost that is shown at the upper right hand side of the card. Spells, creatures and land cards are used by “tapping” them or turning the card on it’s side to indicate it has been used. It cannot be untapped until the next turn or unless a card is used that has the ability to untap cards. Here are the various types of spells in Magic: The Gathering:
Land cards generate color specific mana:
Plains = White mana
Swamps = Black mana
Forests = Green mana
Islands = Blue mana
Mountains = Red mana
Mana drawn from land cards is used to summon creatures or cast spells. Certain special lands can generate multiple colored mana while other cards can generate colorless mana.
Instants are spells that can be cast during both your turn and your opponent’s. Unlike sorceries, they can be cast in response to an opponent’s spell. After the card’s effect, it will fizzle and go into the player’s graveyard.
A sorcery card can only be played on your own turn and fizzles after it’s use. It also cannot be cast in response to another spell like an instant. It is not a permanent and after its effect the card is put in the casting player’s graveyard.
Enchantments are permanent cards that can enhance a specific creature or all creatures on the battlefield. As a permanent, the enchantment stays in play until it is destroyed or sacrificed and ends up in the graveyard.
Artifacts are colorless permanents that can either act as an enchantment, enhancing specific creatures or all creatures on the battlefield, or as artifact creatures which are colorless. There are also artifact equipment cards that will give a creature an enhancement when attached to them.
Creatures are used to attack players to lower their life count or to block an opposing creature’s attacks and prevent loss of life. Creatures that are summoned cannot be used on the turn they come into play. This is called summoning sickness. You must wait until the following turn to attack or use a creature’s ability.
Creatures can have certain abilities that give them certain advantages over other creatures. For example, some creatures have “Haste” as an ability which makes them immune to summoning sickness and can be used on the turn it comes out.

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