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In Magic the gathering you learn a ton just by observing. Right now i am going to give you a couple paragraphs from a article that has helped me to become the great player that i am today.

1. Make every play to gain an advantage over your opponent. One thing I've learned is that in Magic, like in Chess, when you break it all down the bottom line is that you must gain advantage. Often I ask players what they're playing to do, and they'll say "kill the creature" or "win the game." The first being infinitely short sighted and the latter being infinitely too broad. Killing his creature is gaining an advantage or taking away a disadvantage. But you must look for the better play. Thomas Edison said, "There's always a better way, find it." Never stop looking for the better play.

This snipet is a paraphrase from one of the best magic players in the world gerry thompson.

Every move, every action, every thought, must be to gain an advantage, remove a disadvantage, or at the least, maintain your position. Every attack or block you make, every spell you play or counter, all must be considered in this way. It's alien and in truth can be exhausting, but you must focus and examine the game in this way.

Focus on what is within your control. Some of the greatest games of Magic I can remember playing involve getting hit hard by variance but making a series of acrobatic plays that allow me to walk the tightrope just long enough to set up a winning line.

Magic is a game that is meant to be random. You cant always control when things don't go your way. That means you need to learn to roll with the punches.

Deshaun baylock
western michgan university
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