How to Be Great!

You can never play enough. A teacher once told me, in relation to greatness, "Practice, practice, practice. If you're not practicing every day, somewhere someone is, and when they meet you, they will beat you." That is a major point for Magic too. You can't be casual and make it on the Pro Tour.

Play! Play Play Play Play Play Play Play. You want to get better at Magic? Play Magic! Not just Extended during Extended season, but Extended during any season. Or Standard. Or pack war. Or a 5c Melee game. If you only play Constructed, crack a sealed. If you're only found surrounded by seven other guys, make a happy-fun elf deck or something. Magic is a deep game, but if you play enough, a lot of scenarios start looking familiar. It doesn't take too many screw-ups with any card to get better at it. You'll also start intuiting situations and reading opponents and all kinds of useful tournament skills. There's simply no other way to learn these skills then to just, well, you know. [Play? - Knut]
Why it's #1: I think my reasoning was pretty clear in the preceding paragraph, but I'll try to break it down. Everything else on this list depends on you actually getting out there and shuffling cards against an opponent. Strategy articles give you a lot, but only through constant interaction can you get down the texture of the game, how things play out. If that's too vague, well, all I can recommend is playing until it makes sense.(craig wescoe)

This quote right here explains what you need to do to be great and how to obtain it. No matter what you put your mind to you have to work at it if you want to be good!

Deshaun baylock
western michgan university
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