Local Information

Fanfare- is a store with a low prize payout but it is Cleary the best place to play in tournaments in this area.
Odysseys is the best place to go and play if you want to get experience and just play games with everyone and hope to play against people who will give you some experience.
Then magic online is where you should play to hone and make your skills sharp the best of the best play online and this will prepare you for everything you need to know.

Locally, Michgan is known to be a strong magic state. Withouth much else to do in the winter we like to stay warm and play games. Many pro's have came from michgan and some of the best players in world say that Michgan is a good magic state! So if you want to make it as a pro from michgan you have a ton of work to do.

Deshaun baylock
western michgan university
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