Collegiate Objective
I enrolled here at WMU because of all the possiblities I will be able to have at this University. I knew that the staff was great and the students that are enrolled here are always positive and willing to be there for one another. I am glad to be around the students and staff here so that I will be able to be successful in the career path I have chosen. I have already joined the lacrosse team here at Western and being around my teammates will show me leadership and how to be a great team member. I plan on joining orientation leaders to show that I am willing to show other kids that Western is the school to go to. I am hoping to get above a 3.5 and get accepted into the ISM program here at Western. I know that Western has one of the top programs in the nation for ISM and I am interested in pursuing that career. Being on the lacrosse team here and joining orientation leaders will hopefully show that I can become a team member of the business broncos. I am hopefully going to join business societies so that I can surround myself with people who have the will to succeed just like me.