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Real-Time Hybrid Simulation with Online Model Updating



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Real-Time Hybrid Simulation with Online Updating

Project Duration: 01/2012~Current  
Funding Agency: FRACCA

Research Assistant:
Demonstration Video
Adam Mueller
Bilal Ahamed Mohammed

Hybrid simulation have shown great potential for economic and reliable assessment of structural seismic performance through a combination of physically tested components, called the experimental substructure, and numerically simulated components, called the numerical substructure. Current hybrid simulation practices often use a fixed numerical model without considering the possible availability of a more accurate model obtained during hybrid simulation through an online model updating technique. To address this limitation and improve the reliability of numerical models in hybrid simulations, this study describes the implementation of an online model updating method in real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS). The Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) was selected as the model updating algorithm and applied to identify Bouc-Wen model parameters that define the hysteresis of the experimental substructure, and the identified parameters were therefore applied to the numerical substructures during the hybrid simulation. Firstly, a parametric study of the UKF system model parameters was carried out. Then the developed online model updating method was experimentally validated through RTHS. Finally, guidelines for implementing the UKF for online model updating in future RTHS are provided. 


Western Michigan University ---- Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

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