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As of June 5, 2013 LESS is now online!  Dr. Oh-Sung Kwon from the  University of Toronto provided LESS with the NICON program, which has been configured to work with the LESS Lab.  NICON provides the LESS laboratory with the ability remotely operated.



NEW!Version 2.2 of the LESS lab manual is now available!


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Videos and Other Current News
Shake Table at WMU
University of Alabama Test

The video below shows one of the tests performed by the shake table at the Laboratory of Earthquake and Structural Simulation at Western Michigan University.



On March 23, Dr. Shao traveled to University of Alabama to preform real-time hybrid simulation of a damped and undamped wood shear wall.  This video shows one of the tests preformed by the NEESsoft team. 


    NEESsoft Collapse   RTHS test of NEESsoft Project  

As part of the NEESsoft project, a collapse test of the 4-story soft first story wood frame building was conducted using the outdoor shake table at the NEES facility of the University of Claifornia, San Diego, on August 17, 2013


  On October 28, an OpenLoop RTHS test of the NEESsoft project was conducted at the University of Buffalo  




    WMU is one of the five collaborating universities in the NEESsoft project. The NEESsoft collapse was reported on by CBS, FOX, and ABC news.      

Western Michigan University ---- Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

Laboratory of Earthquake and Structural Simulation ---- Last Updated: 11-16-2013