Collegiate Objective
I am entering college to discover more about myself and about the world in which I live. I want to obtain credentials that will enable me to start a career, but I am also looking for something more. I know that I will take a couple of wrong paths along the way, and will most likely be disliked by my friends and maybe even myself from time to time. Yet, through it all, I am certain that my friends will always stay with me and will encourage me to become more than I currently am.
Proffessionally, I would like to learn enough here at Western Michigan University so that I will be able to get a job in the field that I wish to pursue. I would also like to come in contact with multiple bussinesses and business proffessionals so that I can set up relationships with them so that when I graduate I can possibly get a job very quicly. As of now my major is supply chain management and I hope that Western will allow me to pursue a successful career in that field.