Supply Chain Management is my intended major is supply chain management. According to Robert Handfield, supply chain management is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and help the company get a competitive advantage (What is Supply Chain Management?). Handfield offer reports that supply chain management consists of two main ideas: every product goes through a process to reach the consumer, and how to effectively do it. Understanding that every product, when it has reached the consumer, is the product of different companies and different efforts. Supply chain management brings all of these companies and processes together for a more efficient process and outcome. The second idea is very similar to the first. This idea is more of just recognizing and having a way to have an affective and efficient process. It is realizing that there are a lot more things that go into the product more than what is happening just withing your business. It is effectively bringing together all processes involved with the product and your company to be the most efficient financially.


Handfield, Robert. What is Supply Chain Management?. January 11, 2011.