Collegiate Objective

Personally, I will be entering college in the hope of realizing new things about myself and where I fit in with society. I would like to obtain the qualifications needed that will allow me to pursue the career of my interest. Not only am I hoping to find a career path that interest me while in school but I hope to find a way of living life with my new freedoms.  I plan on grabbing college by the horns and putting my best foot forward because what I do in college will affect the rest of my life. The relationships I build in college and what I learn from them will stick with me for the rest of my life.

  I hope to gain enough knowledge so that I can obtain not just a job but an empowering career. One goal I have while in college is to obtain a spot on the dean’s list in keep. An excellent transcript would be a great addition to the other achievements listed on my resume. I would also like to build long lasting relationships with people, whom will actually be beneficial to me in my future, through various clubs and organizations. I know that when I graduate from college I will be successful because of all the necessary steps I take while I am here.