Dr. Tom Edmonds

MGMT 4540


Spring Semester, 2017

CRN: 14912

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Law 3840 Criminal Law and Procedure

How to find an assigned case or statute

Study Guide, Law of Arrest, Part I

Study Guide, Law of Arrest Part II

Study Guide, Law of Arrest, Part III

Study Guide, Admissions, confessions and Identification Procedures

Study Guide, The Exclusionary Rule

Study Guide, Identification Procedures

Study Guide, Employee Expectation of Privacy in the Workplace

Study Guides, Search and Seizure

Study Guide, Specific Crimes Part I

Study Guide, Specific Crimes Part II

Study Guide, Specific Business Crimes

Study guide, Culpability

Study Guide, Grand Jury

Study Guide, Entrapment




Law 6040
Legal Aspects of


Format for written submission of findings regarding research topic

Take Home Final Examination


Readings for Intellectual Property Class


Readings for Criminal Law Class


Article on Privacy in the Workplace