Dr. Tom Edmonds

LAW 3800

Fall, 2015


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"Always do right. This will gratify some and astonish the rest."
-Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)

Link to Syllabus, Spring, 2016

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Tutor's Office is 3253A SCH

Review for February 3rd starts at 8:00 AM in Room 2000SCH (Classroom)


Link to Answers to Sample Questions in Week 1 and 2 Study Guides


NOTE: There will be no late makeup exams for Final Exam, period. Early Final Exams may be allowed by permission for good reason.


Copy of Textbook in on closed reserve at Waldo Library Reference Desk Call Number A0250 PC C.1

2 hour max

Important Notes

       How to find an assigned case or statute

         Sample Article 9 Priorities Questions


Links to United State Constutition and Materials


Link to McIntyre Machinery Case


Link to Garvey Case


Link to Walton vs. City of Red Bluff




Case Studies

o    Major League Baseball Players Association v. Steve Garvey


Study Guides:

Week One Study Guide

Week Two Study Guide

Week Three Study Guide

US Constitution and the Rule of Law

Week Four Study Guide, Ethics Chapter 2

Study Guide, Contract Law Part I,

Study Guide, Contract Law Part II,

Study Guide, Contract Law Part III,

Study Guide, Chapter 14

Study Guide, Contract Law Part IV,

Study Guide, Contract Law Part V,

Study Guide, Contract Law Part VI,

Study Guide, Contract Law, Chapters 18 and 19

Study Guide, Tort Law, Part I, Chapter 6

Study Guide, Tort Law, Part II, Chapter 7

Study Guide, Chapter 22, Warranties and Product Liability

Supplemental Study Guide, Chapter 22

Study Guide, Real Property Law, Chapter 43

Study Guide, Creditor's Rights, Part I, Chapter 37

Study Guide, Creditor's Rights, Part II, Chapter 24

Study Guide, Agency, Chapter 28



Link to Grade Sheet, 1st Exam, Spring 2016

Link to Answers, Forms A and B, 1st Exam


Law 4860

Marketing and Sales Law




Assigned UCC Sections by Week

How to Find Assigned UCC Sections

Sample Delivery and Risk of Loss Clauses

Sample Merger and Amendment Clauses

Study Guide, Chapter 9 Contracts, Weeks 2 5

Study Slides, Breach of Contract and Remedies

Study Slides, Chapter 10, Warranties

Sample Warranty Disclaimer Clauses

Study Guide I, Products Liability

Study Guide, Products Liability II

Study Guide, Intellectual Property

Study Guide, anti trust and franchise

Reading Assignment, Liquidated Damages Clauses

Team Assignments

Team Topics

Format for Team Reports and Presentation

Link to Rubric for Written Exercise

Link to Rubric for Group Presentation

Group Presentation Schedule




Law 3840

Criminal Law and Procedure


Sample Midterm Exam Questions



How to find an assigned case or statute

Study Guide, Law of Arrest, Part I

Study Guide, Law of Arrest Part II

Study Guide, Law of Arrest, Part III

Study Guide, Admissions, confessions and Identification Procedures

Study Guide, The Exclusionary Rule

Study Guide, Identification Procedures

Study Guide, Employee Expectation of Privacy in the Workplace

Study Guides, Search and Seizure

Study Guide, Specific Crimes Part I

Study Guide, Specific Crimes Part II

Study Guide, Specific Business Crimes

Study guide, Culpability

Study Guide, Grand Jury

Study Guide, Entrapment




Law 6040
Legal Aspects of


Format for written submission of findings regarding research topic

Take Home Final Examination


Readings for Intellectual Property Class


Readings for Criminal Law Class


Article on Privacy in the Workplace