Sensory Integration and the Child
Occupational Therapy 530

Full Professor: Sandra Edwards MA, OTR, FAOTA
Class: Thursdays 5:00-7:30
Building: Sindecuse 3240 and Clinic*
Office Hours: Wednesdays 11:30-1:00 or by Appointment
Office: EWB
Phone: 387-7238
Academic Integrity
Course Objectives
Homework Instructions
Grading Checklist
Child's Hand Function & Self Care
Final Report Checklist


Dates Topics Assignments**
Sept. 5 Introduction
Introduction to Sensory Integration
Chaper 1
AJOT, 1995
Vol. 49, No.7
Sept. 12 Disorders of Praxis Chapter 3

Sept. 19

Sensory Modulation Chapter 4
Book: Touching
Sept. 26 Visual-Spatial Abilities Chapter 5
AJOT, 1995
Vol. 49, No. 7
Oct 3

Assessing Sensory Integrative

Autism: Panel Discussion

Chapter 7

Oct. 10*
Evaluation: SIPT Evaluation
Discuss Project

Chapter 14 Hand Functionand the Child
Chapter 8

Dunkerley, 1997
Koomar, 1997

Oct. 10* Clinical Observations
Research and present two clinical observations
Analyze and explore equipment, toys
Oct. 17* Handwriting
Video: Getting a Grip on Handwriting

Developmental and Functional Hand Grasp

Chapter 5 Handwriting Grasps


Oct. 24*

Discuss Project/Prepare for evaluations

Draft of Part I due: history, home visit assessment, and school obsservation, interview of teacher

Design evaluation plan
Oct. 31* Begin evaluation in Unified Clinic Outline of activities planned; typed for professor
November7-14* Evaluate of child in clinic
November 21*

Draft of Evaluation Part II due Includes Home and School Treatment Plans

Deliver to mailbox in EWB by 5:00 pm

November 28 Thanksgiving


December 5* Consultations with Parents  
December 12* Consultations with Parents  

** All Chapter assignments found in text:
Sensory Integration and the Child
* Clinic means class will meet at the Unified Clinic




Summarize 2 articles     50 pts.

One page written summary of articles; include citations; Critique artcles' by anlyzing the literature review, methods and results. Give oral summary in class only one orally inclass. Sign up for date to present.

                    Review one book     100 pts.

Three page TYPED summary
Develop discussion questions; due on Sept. 19, Touching Due on October 3, Autism

                        Discussion Questions from Chapters 100 pts.

Chapters 3,4,5,7, ; Develope 3 written questions, discuss in class; include citationm, answer type and hand in on assignment in class


                     Grading of Project

 Interview and observation in Home 50 pts
  Interview of teacher and observations in school 50 pts
Evaluation of child  100 pts
Written School treatment plan 50 pts
Written Home treatment plan  50 pts
  Consultation with parents   100 pts.
Need 4 completed signed copies before consultation/ file complete

50 pts