Paul Eenigenburg
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Western Michigan University
Phone: (616) 387-4582
FAX: (616) 387-4530

Previously taught courses:
Math 1220, Calculus I

Math 1230, Calculus II

Math 1700, Calculus I, Sci & Eng

Math 1710, Calculus II, Sci & Eng

Math 2720, Multivariate Calculus with Matrices

Math 3740, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Math 5070, Numerical Analysis

Math 5220, Introduction to Topology

Math 5700, Advanced Calculus I

Math 5710, Advanced Calculus II

Math 5720, Vector Calculus and Complex Variables

Math 6110, Math Applications

Educational background:
B.A.       1964            Hope College, Holland, Michigan

M.A.      1967            Kansas University

Ph.D.     1969            University of Kentucky

Most of my publications have been in geometric function
theory, which is part of complex analysis.  I also have an interest
in mathematically gifted children and have helped design and teach
in ATYP, a local program for academically talented middle school

When I'm not involved in mathematics, I enjoy reading, playing golf,
and visiting our children and grandchildren.  I also enjoy being
part of the chancel choir and handbell choir at Second Reformed Church.

Last update:  January 6, 2009