MATH 522                 TOPOLOGY                    SPRING 2004

Time and Place : MWF, 10:00 - 10:50, 3209 Sangren

INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Paul Eenigenburg

Office Hours in 3324 Everett:

       MWF (8:30 - 10:00)
       MTh (1:30 - 2:00)
       MTWTh (3:00 - 4:00)
       Other times by appt.

Phone: 387-4582          e-mail :              FAX : 387-4530

Click here to obtain assignments as the course progresses.

COURSE PREREQUISITE: The official prerequisites are a C grade or better in
Math 330 or Math 570.  If you have had Math 330 but neither Math 272 nor
Math 570, then this course could be quite challenging.  You might be more
successful in Math 430.

TEXT : Principles of Topology  by Fred Croom, available as a coursepack
in the bookstore.

SYLLABUS : Chapter 1 gives some indication about the nature of topology.
Chapters 2, 3, and 4 discuss topology in increasingly abstract settings.
Chapters 5 and 6 discuss two important topological concepts: connectedness
and compactness.  Finally, chapter 6 covers buliding new spaces from old
spaces: product and quotient spaces.

ASSESSMENT : Homework : 40%
                     Two hour-exams: 30%
    Final Exam (Apr 22, 10:15): 30%

 Your grade will be no lower that that indicated by the scale :

 Percent :    89     82    75     68     60     55    50
 Grade  :     A     BA     B    CB      C     DC   D

COURSE PLAN: The course is defined by what is in the book, and I will
attempt to be your guide - helping you with details and giving the “big picture”.
Before each class, read the next section to get an overview of what will be
discussed.  After each class, read the material again - this time study carefully
the proofs.  I generally will not rewrite these proofs on the board but instead
will react to your questions about particular difficult points.

MARCH 15 : This is the last date a student can process an official withdrawal
from the course, to avoid a possible E grade.  Incompletes are rarely given, and
they are never given as a substitute for a failing grade.