MATH 570           ADVANCED CALCULUS I                             FALL 2004

Time and Place : MTThF, 9:00 - 9:50, 3393 Rood

INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Paul Eenigenburg

Office Hours in 3324 Everett: MTThF (10:00 - 11:30),   MT( 2:00 - 4:00)
                                                Other times by appt.
Phone: 387-4582           e-mail :            FAX : 387-4530

COURSE PREREQUISITE:  Multivariate Calculus (272) and Mathematical Proofs (314)

TEXT :  An Introduction to Analysis (3rd ed) by William Wade.  Prentice Hall.

SYLLABUS : We assume students know the basic mechanics of calculus.  This course attempts to
develop a deep understanding of the concepts of calculus, including continuity, differentiability, integrability,
infinite sequences and series.  The first semester will focus on one-dimensional theory, with an introduction
to multidimensional theory in chapter 8.  The second semester (Math 571) will focus on the remainder of the text.

ASSESSMENT :   Homework : 45%
                       Two hour-exams: 30%
    Final Exam (Dec 9, 8:00 am): 25%

 Approximate grading scale: A (85%), B (70%), C (50%)

COURSE PLAN: You are responsbile for what is in the book (not just what is mentioned in class),
and I will attempt to be your guide - helping you with details and giving the “big picture”.
Before each class, read the next section to get an overview of what will be discussed.  After each
class, read the material again - this time study carefully the proofs.  I generally will not rewrite these
proofs on the board but instead will react to your questions about particular difficult points.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  You are responsible for making yourself aware of and understanding
the policies and procedures in the Undergraduate (pp. 274-276) [Graduate (pp. 26-28)] Catalog that
pertain to Academic Integrity. These policies include cheating, fabrication, falsification and forgery,
multiple submission, plagiarism, complicity and computer misuse. If there is reason to believe you
have been involved in academic dishonesty, you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.
You will be given the opportunity to review the charge(s). If you believe you are not responsible,
you will have the opportunity for a hearing. You should consult with me if you are uncertain about
an issue of academic honesty prior to the submission of an assignment or test.

NOVEMBER 1 : This is the last date a student can process an official withdrawal from the course,
to avoid a possible E grade.  Incompletes are rarely given, and they are never given as a substitute
for a failing grade.