MATH 611                       MATH  APPLICATIONS                      SPRING 2003

Time and Place : Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:30,  2211 Rood

INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Paul Eenigenburg

Office Hours in 3324 Everett: TTh (8:30 - 11:30), MTWTh (3:00 - 4:00)
                                                Other times by appt.

Phone: 387-4582                e-mail :                       FAX : 387-4530

You may also obtain assignments and other information at this site as the course progresses.
Check after 5:00pm each Thursday for the next week’s assignment.

TEXT :  Mathematical Modeling  by Giordano, Weir, and Fox.

COURSE OBJECTIVES :    A “model” is a mathematical description of a particular real
world phenomenon.  In this course, we will gain experience in the construction of models,
analysis of models, and the interpretation and verification of the results.  (See the diagram
on page 1, and also the discussion in the Preface.)   We will focus most of our attention on
discrete models (chapters 1 - 8), many of which could be suitable for use in your own
classroom.  Near the end of the course, we will investigate some continuous models - and
thereby have an opportunity to review differential equations.

TECHNOLOGY :   It is required that you bring a computing device to class, either a graphing
calculator or a computer.  Assignments can generally be completed with help from either of these.

EXAMINATIONS & GRADING :  Homework and projects:    70%
                                                          Final Exam (Apr 23, 7:15): 30%

 Letter grades will be given on individual assignments.