MUS 290 Project Schedules and Forms

Mid-term (Test 1) Study Guide

Test 2 Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide

Leadership Development Group Assignments

Group A ~ Jamie, Brittin, Alyssa, Nick, Hiromi, & Dianne

Group B ~ Elizabeth, Biz Na, Samona, Alisha, Christopher, Alison

Article Review Group Assignments

Group 1 ~ Jamie, Alison, Hiromi, Alisha

Group 2 ~ Brittin, Christopher, Samona, Diane

Group 3~ Nick, Elizabeth, Biz Na, Alyssa

Forms - These forms are in MS Word format so you can download and save them. Save a blank copy to your disk or hard drive, and click "Save As" each time you create a new PO or TMI.

Therapeutic Music Intervention (TMI) Form

Population Overview Form

Music Therapy Session Plan Form

Directions to Bronson

Directions to Covenant House