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Everything in the Chemist's world revolves around the outermost electrons of atoms.
How we pair them or not governs how biomolecules work, what magnetism we get,
and what new kinds of smart materials we can make. Follow a humble inorganic
chemist's path as it touches some of the fascinating possibilities of our world:












Measuring bond lengths directly in mixed spin systems without crystallography or NMR

AGING PROCESS (before it's too late)

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Also we'll look at ways we can get it wrong



Group Meeting... Sebastian Brainerd, Carla Sue Eribal, Rasanji Madawala, Sajini Devadas,
Fasil Abebe, Mark Allen, Ekk, Aruna Weerasinghe
Absent: Amr Ezatt, Viraj D. Thanthirige, Tom R. Burghard, Bharathi Balagam

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