Becoming Bilingual
Ever since I was in the 7th grade I have a strong appeal towards becoming fluent in Spanish. I grew a love for the language and my parents told me that it would help a lot in the future if I spoke two different languages. I never really understood why it would help me to know another language when I was that age, but now it is clear to me that there is a bilingual advantage around the world. After a few studies it has become known that being bilingual doesn't only help you with your job or talking with a wider range of people, but it also makes you smarter. The first I heard of this was through the article "The Benefits of Bilingualism".

This article showed how speaking more than one language can even help prevent dementia in te future as people get older. In the past it was thought that learning two languages was bad for children and interfered and prevented them from learning. I like to know that by me learning another language it is not hurting my brain but helping it by giving the brain muscles excersise and ways to cognitively think more. It is actually very healthy to learn a second language for you're brain on top of giving you an advantage in the workforce, and potentially even landing you with a higher salary. I think my love for Spanish will benefit me in many ways in the future and I can't wait to become bilingual.

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