Collegiate Objective
On a personal level, I am entering college to discover more about myself and about the world in which I live. True, I want to obtain credentials that will enable me to start a career, but I am also looking for something more. Perhaps, I am seeking the answers to the questions, "why are we here?" and "why am I the way that I am?" I know I will take a couple of wrong paths along the way, and will most likly be disliked by my friends (and maybe even myself) from time to time to time. Yet, through it all, I am certain that my true friends will always stay with me and will encourage me to become more than I currently am. Overall, I hope to find a new me, a better me, and continue to grow and improve, both as an individual and as member of society.
On a professional level, I want to learn enough for a satisfying career, and do it in a way that will make people sit up and pay attention. One of my more scholarly goals is to achieve a 4.00 GPA term at least once during my collegiate career. Additionally, I will become a member of various business societies, where I will begin networking and surrounding myself with people who understand how to succeed. Hopefully, my attentiveness and ability to listen will develop and allow me to act upon all opportunities (carpe diem) and absorb the lessons that present themselves. I will leave my poor high school record behind me and keep the failures of the past clouding the possibilities of the present. I shall succeed where I have failed before, because now I have experience and determination on my side. When I graduate from college, there will be corporations seeking me out to begin my career with them.