There are many ways to learn. Today technology can help us learn and get all the information as we can. Taking online courses are a popular way to study at home. Students who take online courses are usually looking for easier way to study and finish their degrees. Online courses present the same level of difficulty as traditional courses, but they are much more convenient than traditional courses. Online courses are accessible from any computer, and usually twenty-four hours a day.

According to HELLER (2013), a lot of people say the online courses are the future of advanced learning in United States. A couple years ago, two of the greatest colleges Harvard, and the University of Texas have promised, tens of millions of dollars to improve online courses. The atmospheres are different between the traditional classes and online classes. Recently, many families decided to teach their children by themselves using online courses. There are several advantages that make each family feel comfortable about online courses whether it is socially or educationally.

According to Price, J online courses are a type of distance learning that uses a wide spectrum of technologies to reach learners at a distance. Over the Internet students can take the courses without attending schools or universities. The atmospheres are different between the traditional classes and online classes. There is a vast difference between online courses and traditional courses. Online students do not have to attend the campus. The discussion with teachers is like chatting. Moreover the assignments and the tests are on the Internet.  International students or those who live far away from schools are interested to taking online courses. They are interested in finish school at same place where they are.  Many traditional universities have also started offering online courses. A recent survey indicates that almost 96% of universities worldwide have some form of online courses, and have even integrated some facets of e -learning into their traditional on-campus courses. (Allen & Seaman, 2006)

In conclusion, online courses have several advantages and a few disadvantages when compared to traditional education. Online courses are not a system to replace traditional education, but rather one that supports it. Online courses have allowed students access to education that prefer to take online courses not attending in classes. International students and those who live far away prefer not to take online classes. Now we are able to distinguish why online courses have become very popular in the United States.