My Hobbies




I have a wide interest in activities to do in my free time. Most of the time I am surrounded by friends so it's very easy to find a quick hobby like playing catch, football, or a pick up game of basketball. When I'm alone my hobbies are very different. I like to spend time listening to music alone, I feel like I get a better understanding of what the music is about and it allows me to think outside of the box or from a different perspective. Listening to an album all the way through is one of my favorite things to do because the transitions and time that goes into the artist completing an entire album really appeals to me.

I don't just like listening the music, I like to try an learn a variety of intruments even though I am not very good at any of them. I took a guitar class in high school so I learned the basics and was able to improvise and get better just by playing on my own. I also have had a keyboard for years so I frequently mess around on it and actually ended up pretty good at it. Just recently I purchased a few harmonica's and that has helped me kill some alone time for awhile now.


Obviously music is a big part of my life but I also enjoy a lot of physical activity. I live in a courtyard where there is plenty of room for activities like football or frisbee. I got into frisbee with my high school friends and it's been a big hobby of mine since then. We've made up a few games using two frisbee's so we don't just have to play catch the entire time so that keeps it interesting.


When I'm feeling lazy I really like to play PS3 with my friends. We don't play many video games but when all my roomates are home we usually play two vs. two in the NHL video game. It gets pretty heated when we all play because taking it seriously makes it more fun for us. When we don't feel like gaming, I like to throw on Netflix and watch a few episodes of a television series, or watch a random movie that I haven't seen yet. Out of all the catagories on Netflix my favorite is Documentaries because I actually get to learn something while watching it and I'm still entertained.






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