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The Beatles
Bob Marley
Bob Dylan
Grateful Dead
Jimi Hendrix

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Slightly Stoopid
2 Pac
Chris Webby

These 10 artists and/or bands are some of my favorite musicians of all time. I have a very wide variety of artists which I truely enjoy, and believe it's unique. I always like to give new bands or even new genres of music at least one chance before I can say I don't like them. Music means more to me than more things. It has helped me get through struggles, and it always brings enjoyment to my everyday life.The names under each photo are links to thier biographys. I highly suggest checking the ones that interest you or you aren't familiar with. Spreading music and introducing new types of music to other people is very important in my opinion. Music brings people together and helps people explore thier mind and themselves. It gives you stuff to relate to and can even serve as good advice or helpful in some cases. I feel like a lot of people see music as just noise which is really unfortunete because there is so much more to every song that some people can see. Musicians are artists, and each artists has thier own way of painting thier pictures. Some songs are meant to make you angry or sad, and others are meant to make you happy and excited. It all depends on how the artist presents it. I don't think I could say that someone truely knows me if they don't know my opinion on music. It's one of my favorite things in the world and couldn't imagine life without it.




Out of all of my favorite musicians Eminem is by far my top pick. I enjoy all different types of musis but I have been an Eminem fan since I was a young child. As I grew up and changed more and more, no matter what happened, Eminems music always helped me get through struggles in my life. I can relate to what he raps about in most of his songs even though he takes his lyrics to the extreme. Even though my opinion is very biased since Eminem is my favorite, I truely believe that he is the greatest artist of all time. It's hard to get that opinion across the older generation because they generally look down at rappers, but he is a legendary poet regardless if you enjoy what he is talking about or not. Our voices are definitley an instrument of itself, and I think he uses his voice the most dynamicly and creativly. Clicking the above picture will take you to Eminems officail website where you can learn about what he has accomplished and what he is doing now.






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